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When you have been paying into the Social Security system as part of your employment, you should expect coverage should you ever suffer from a disability or serious medical condition. However, the process of applying for benefits can be complicated and lengthy. There are strict requirements that must be satisfied and it is common for many initial benefit applications to be denied.

At the law firm of Ferguson, Hayes, Hawkins & DeMay, PLLC, our Concord social security disability lawyers help people throughout North Carolina get the benefits they need.

We have years of combined experience and skills to handle various issues that may arise in a social security disability claim process. We’ve helped many clients in getting disability benefits when their application is denied at the initial level. You can contact us anytime to discuss your case and get legal advice. We can help you navigate the appeal process smoothly.

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Qualifying for Disability Benefits
There are strict requirements that must be met before you will be eligible to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. The main hurdle to overcome is that you must be unable to work for at least one full year, or expect the disability to result in death. In order to meet this hurdle, it is essential that your disability or medical condition is well-documented.

Our North Carolina SSDI lawyers can review your situation and help you with the initial application for benefits, or your appeal of a denial. Having experienced legal counsel in your corner can make all the difference in obtaining disability benefits.

Our Concord social security disability lawyers at the Ferguson, Hayes, Hawkins & DeMay, PLLC  law firm, will find the best approach to proceed further in your case and work as a communicator between you and the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Dedicated Handling of SSDI Appeals
Many SSDI applications are initially rejected even though you might later be found to qualify. In this case, we will get to work immediately on preparing your appeal. There are certain deadlines that must be met in order for an appeal or a request for reconsideration to be considered. That is why it is important to get legal help immediately. We understand the kind of evidence that is necessary for a successful appeal and we will put all of our experience to work for you.

To learn more about SSD, visit the Social Security Administration’s web site at

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