Land Use & Zoning

Representation for Residential and Commercial Property Owners in North Carolina
At the law firm of Ferguson, Hayes, Hawkins & DeMay, PLLC, our experienced attorneys routinely handle land use and zoning matters for clients in Cabarrus County and throughout North Carolina. Our firm represents property owners, including homeowners, and will take on local governments in litigation.

Our law firm works with residential and commercial property owners on a full spectrum of land use and zoning issues. This includes representing clients before local planning and zoning boards, city councils, county boards and state agencies, as well as in contested court proceedings.

Concord Land Use and Zoning Attorneys
One of the fastest growing areas of the law in North Carolina involves zoning and land use. Many state agencies, such as the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, all regulate development. In some cases, the actions by these agencies, as well as local and state governments, may constitute a violation of the property owner’s rights. In order to enforce these rights, the process may involve a series of administrative hearings and appeals.

Attorney Jim DeMay represents clients in zoning, land use and condemnation matters at both the trial and appellate levels. They have the experience and ability to challenge government action that is based upon land use controls, zoning ordinances, nonconforming uses and determination of fair compensation for the taking of property.

We have litigated many cases against Cabarrus County, the City of Concord and other local governments.

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