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Our Concord Bankruptcy Attorneys Explain Credit Restoration

Ferguson Hayes Hawkins, PLLC Jan. 24, 2017

Rebuilding Your Credit

Many people today need credit restoration tips. You are likely to notice that your credit score has suffered after you file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can remain on your credit report for 10 to 12 years. Debt negotiation can also have a negative effect on your credit report. You may be thinking that the best way to deal with this problem is to avoid applying for credit in the future. However, you may need to use credit in order to complete a personal transaction.

Relieving Your Debt

Our Concord lawyers can help you restore your credit and get your finances back on track. Before a debt relief law firm can help you repair your credit, any outstanding debt that you have on your credit report has to be eliminated. There are a few ways that you can accomplish this:

  • Using debt negotiation to settle the debt

  • Discharging the debt with bankruptcy

  • Paying the full amount of the debt

Concord lawyers can help you decide which option is the best for you.

How to Repair Your Damaged Credit Report

Many people find that debt negotiation helps their credit score improve. People who file for bankruptcy often notice that their credit score improves after one or two years. Once the debt on your credit report has been addressed, the next step is to challenge the negative things on your credit report including:

  • Late payments

  • Foreclosures

  • Inaccuracies

  • Repossession

  • Bankruptcy

If necessary, a debt relief law firm can sue creditors in order to get them to remove negative marks on your credit report. If negative marks are eliminated, then you will be able to increase your credit score. You will also have more freedom when you are applying for credit.

Why Do You Need An Attorney?

Many credit restoration services will give you credit restoration tips, but they do not have one attorney on staff. They may charge you for sending letters to your creditors. Concord bankruptcy lawyers know how to use laws to your advantage, such as the Fair Credit Billing Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act.

It is important for you to work with experienced lawyers if you are attempting to repair your credit. Qualified attorneys will do everything in their power to restore your damaged credit.