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Major Estate Planning Benefits As Shared By Our Concord Wills & Estate Planning Attorneys

Ferguson Hayes Hawkins, PLLC Jan. 25, 2017

There are a great many considerations when it comes to a resident of Concord, North Carolina, making decisions in regard to his or her estate. In most cases, individuals interested in coming up with the most appropriate estate plan, including considering personal wills in Concord, are best served seeking assistance from skilled, experienced North Carolina probate and estate lawyers.

Tax Minimization and Avoidance

On the list of primary estate planning benefits is estate and inheritance tax minimization or legal avoidance. The reality is that many people turn to a wills and estate planning law firm in part to address potential tax issues.

An experienced wills and estate planning law firm can assist a person in identifying what potential estate and inheritance liability might be associated with his or her estate after the individual passes. If the tax consequences warrant, an attorney can assist in crafting an estate plan designed to address these types of issues in the most favorable manner possible.

Ensuring Carrying Our of Last Wishes

Most people with at least some assets have an idea what they would like to happen to their property when they pass away. Another of the fundamental estate planning benefits is ensuring that a person’s last wishes really do come to fruition. For example, the solution in the largest city in North Carolina very well may be personal wills in Concord.

Avoid Probate Process

Another key consideration, and benefit, associated with estate planning is minimizing or avoiding the probate process itself. The reality is that the probate process in North Carolina can be expensive and time consuming. There exit lawful ways through which the estate process upon a person’s death can be simplified, or even avoided all together.

An experienced probate and estate attorney can assist a person in developing an estate plan that accomplishes a full spectrum of objectives. These can include ensuring property is distributed in the desired manner, taxes are minimized or legally avoided, and the probate process likewise is simplified or lawfully avoided.

As a general rule, an estate and probate lawyer will schedule an initial consultation with a prospective client at no charge. Through an initial consultation, an attorney will evaluate a person’s situation and render some preliminary estate planning recommendations.

Once a person becomes an adult and is earning a living, particularly if he or she has started a family, the time for estate planning has arrived. Proactive estate planning is a wise course of action.