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Learn About Personal Bankruptcy & How Our Attorneys Can Help

Ferguson Hayes Hawkins, PLLC Jan. 25, 2017

Personal bankruptcy provides everyday men and women with a lifeline for dealing with crushing financial burdens. Many consumers struggle to keep up with their bills, which can quickly spiral out of control. Unexpected medical challenges, vehicle issues, and other unforeseen obstacles can further compound these problems, causing immeasurable heartache and difficulty. Filing for bankruptcy shields consumers from creditors and resolves outstanding debts for the individuals involved.

Filing for Bankruptcy

When considering filing for personal bankruptcy, it is important for consumers to meet with a reputable local Concord law firm. Attorneys understand the various ins and outs of United States legal code, and these professionals provide invaluable guidance for consumers struggling with financial obligations. Bankruptcy attorneys in Concord can advise clients, based on their unique personal situations, and provide immediate relief for those feeling the pressure from creditors.

Exploring the Variations of Bankruptcy

Individuals filing for bankruptcy have two different forms of bankruptcy protection available to them: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. In Chapter 7, debts owed by the consumer are cancelled, whereas Chapter 13 creates a viable payment plan for paying down debts over the long haul. There are various advantages of both forms of bankruptcy, which bankruptcy attorneys in Concord can explain in great detail.

Qualifying for Bankruptcy

In order to file for bankruptcy protection, consumers must demonstrate that they meet the requirements set out in United States legal code. There are various factors that can influence one’s qualification status, including current income sources and the amount of debt in question. Navigating the murky waters of bankruptcy filing often proves quite tricky, which is why many consumers turn to qualified attorneys for assistance.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a bankruptcy filing, a local Concord law firm provides a valuable service for any consumer who is ready to take the step towards financial freedom. From handling current creditors to building a stable financial plan for the future, these professionals make it possible for anyone to escape the pressure of debt. By working with a team of bankruptcy experts, any consumer can shake off the demons of yesterday and work towards a brighter tomorrow.