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Has the Time Come to File Bankruptcy in NC?

Ferguson Hayes Hawkins, PLLC Jan. 24, 2017

People can find themselves in dire financial straits for all sorts of reasons. From medical expenses to job losses, it is easy to get behind and see no way to catch up. After trying just about every strategy that comes to mind, it may be time to talk with a bankruptcy law firm about filing for protection. Here are some signs that you need to call a lawyer today.

Making No Headway

You are managing to make at least the minimum payments on your bills, but that is not enough. The interest rates keep the balances growing a little each month. Couple that with the fact that you recently had to use some of your remaining credit to pay for a car repair, and it is obvious that you will never get out of the financial hole. As much as you dislike the idea, now is the time to consult with an attorney and see if you should file for bankruptcy.

Creditors are Calling

A ringing phone or the sound of mail dropping in the box fills you with dread. That’s because you know the contact is likely to be from a creditor or a collection agency. Some of them are getting insistent about wanting their money now. The only problem is that you do not have any money to give them. It helps to know that bankruptcy lawyers can bring those contacts to a halt quickly. Once you do file for bankruptcy, those creditors will communicate directly with the court.

Overwhelmed by Taxes

Medical expenses led you to put off paying some of your taxes. While the plan was to get past the immediate crisis and then catch up with those tax payments, things did not work out that way. While it is true that there are only limited circumstances in which tax debt can be discharged, bankruptcy lawyers can utilize a Chapter 13 to stop collection efforts, prevent liens, and give you time to repay the taxes while under the protection of the court.

Bankruptcy After a Divorce

Some people find that after going through a divorce, they have not choice but to file for bankruptcy. This action will not impact child support or alimony payments that are due, but it can help with any unsecured debt that the client is carrying. If there is no other way to make those court-ordered payments on time, it pays to know that bankruptcy lawyers can help clients decide which type of personal bankruptcy would be in their best interests.

For anyone who is feeling as if there is no way to recover from a financial setback, contact a bankruptcy law firm today. Call our office today and request a consultation as soon as possible. After looking over your financial affairs, it will be easier to provide advice about which form of bankruptcy is right for you.