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Bankruptcy Fraud – Don’t Do It & Here’s Why

Ferguson Hayes Hawkins, PLLC Jan. 24, 2017

Even though a bankruptcy can sit on your record or on your companies record for a very long time, and even though it can make it nearly impossible for you to get loans, get credit or even do any large financial trading, there is still the factor that remains that once you have filed for bankruptcy, your debts are most likely going to be taken care of. This had led to much advancement in bankruptcy fraud, and has led in turn to a crackdown on this fraud by the government, which is going to hopefully be able to take care of too many different bankruptcies and get more and more people back on their feet in the correct manner.

Bankruptcy fraud can be done in several ways, and some of them are quite hard to catch. One thing that is done is when someone files for bankruptcy, but really doesn’t need to file for it. They might hide most of their assets by giving them to others to own or hold, and by not disclosing them. This means that the assets that they do have are taken and sold, and their debts are forgiven, and once the bankruptcy act is closed, these people simply get their property back from wherever they had it, and they are in much better shape than they were before, even with the mark on their credit. If you have enough property and you hide it from the government, then even though your credit says you have filed for bankruptcy, you can still find ways to pay for things because you still have the assets.

Bankruptcy fraud is dangerous because it is hurtful to the people who file bankruptcy when they actually have to. Those that are filing in fraudulent manners are tying up the court system and are tying up the resources that the other people need in order to actually get their debts taken care of. This is detrimental to the whole process. It also isn’t fair to the creditors because if someone files bankruptcy and hides their property, the creditors are not going to get everything that has been owed to them and are going to find themselves out of luck. Because of the fact that bankruptcy fraud can be harmful to so many different people, the government has cracked down on it and now makes sure that being caught with bankruptcy fraud is something that is very punishable. It is also not easy to get away with in any way.