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Avoid These 5 Things During Your Divorce or Separation

Ferguson Hayes Hawkins, PLLC Jan. 25, 2017

A divorce is an extremely stressful event for everyone involved. There are many details that must be worked out, which is difficult when emotions are running high. This is why it is important to establish ground rules during the legal separation and to not engage in negative behavior. An outline of things that must be avoided follows below.

1.) Inflexibility

Nothing makes the divorce process lengthier or more painful than being inflexible. Many people go into a proceeding knowing exactly what they want, but it is rare that everyone gets what they want at the end. Inflexibility can lead to a less desirable outcome, especially when child custody is involved. Compromise and cooperation are the keys to a satisfactory settlement.

2.) Being Dismissive

Just because a couple is ending a marriage does not mean they should stop considering one another’s needs. A divorce is the dissolution of a marriage, not a path to taking everything the other person has. Concord divorce attorneys advise being open-minded and fair to avoid turning the proceeding into a war.

3.) Overspending

Divorce is very costly. Making a financial plan during the legal separation phase goes a long way toward cushioning the blow if the divorce takes a long time to settle. The best approach is to put spending money into a savings account where it is available if needed.

4.) Behaving Badly

This can be the most challenging problem in the divorce process. Naturally, there is anger and disappointment, but maintaining respect for both the ex-spouse and the court system helps everyone move on with dignity afterward.

5.) Engaging in Conflict

It is easy to fall into the trap of conflict with the ex-spouse. Not only is this counterproductive, it is not the job of the attorneys or the court to act as marriage counselors or settle personal differences. A good way to avoid conflict is to concentrate on the legal aspects of the divorce, not the emotional conflict.

While a divorce is a major life upheaval, it does not have to be destructive. Following the tips above and engaging the services of experienced Concord divorce attorneys will ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.