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4 Reasons to Pay a Concord Real Estate Lawyer to Review Your Real Estate Contracts

Ferguson Hayes Hawkins, PLLC Jan. 25, 2017

When looking at a real estate contract, most people have no idea what everything means or how to proceed. This is common since most people are not well-versed in contract law. However, when going through a contract with the help of a professional, you can save time and money. Not only that, when you obtain help from a legal professional, you can catch any number of potential serious issues. Here are four reasons why a person should pay a real estate law firm to review or write real estate contracts.


Believe it or not, when buying a piece of property, many people don’t know about easements. This is a huge mistake that can cost the buyer some serious cash. Think about it, when buying property, you will want to chat with a real estate law firm. Then, the potential buyer can discover any easement issues. If they arise, a buyer should alter his or her bid. Other times, it’s wise to walk away from the transaction if there are easements that cause the buyer too many issues.


Without a doubt, if there is a lien against the property, you should take another look at the entire transaction. Often, you will have a lien if they did not pay a bill or if they were involved in a lawsuit. Fortunately, our Concord NC attorneys can help the buyer figure this out before he or she invests a dime of their money.

Water Rights

Now, more than ever, water rights are important. When buying property in the country, you will want to ensure they have access to clean water. If not, a buyer should think about his or her options, including putting in a well. However, when discovering issues with water, you may want to change their bidding price as it will cost more money to get water to the place. When doing all this, you can avoid most issues by hiring a real estate law attorney.

No Flood Zone

One big flood can leave a homeowner in financial ruin. For this reason, when looking at a place, a potential buyer should talk to real estate attorneys in the area. Then, he or she can figure out the truth about the place. If there are no issues with flooding, a buyer can proceed without any fears.

With one of our Concord real estate law attorneys, you can avoid most problems when going over the contract. In fact, it’s unwise to do so without talking to a well-trained legal professional with a background in real estate. Remember, one false move can cost a buyer tens of thousands of dollars, and it’s wise to sit down with a pro and hash out every detail.