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4 Questions About Divorce & Separation Laws in North Carolina

Ferguson Hayes Hawkins, PLLC Jan. 25, 2017

Why Should I Hire an Attorney if I Am Going Through Divorce and Separation in NC?

Divorce and separation in NC can be a tedious process. This is a process that can take several months. It can also lead to a lot of headaches and frustration. The good news is this process will likely go faster and more smoothly if you hire a Concord divorce attorney.

Do I Have To File For Separation?

Separation has to precede divorce. You will not have to file for a legal separation. In North Carolina, people are considered separated if they live in separate houses. One person must intend for the separation to be permanent.

How Do I File For Divorce In NC?

In order to file for you to file for divorce, you and your spouse must be separated for at least one year. Both partners must be a North Carolina resident for at least one year. You will then need to file your forms with the county office. After that, you will have 30 days to serve the divorce papers. You will need to return to the county office after you serve the papers.

The clerk’s office will then issue you a court date. You must bring the Certificate Of Absolute Divorce and Judgment Of Divorce to court. Bring two copies of these forms.

How Can I Come To An Agreement With My Spouse On Child Custody And Property Division?

Dividing property and arranging custody are some of the most difficult parts of going through a divorce. Fortunately, a Concord divorce attorney can help you come to amicable agreements with your spouse. One of the many great things about hiring a divorce attorney is that he or she will not take sides.